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Unfair deprivation and victimisation, facts will triumph over them all

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February 19, 2021

Stubborn Rwanda! She will never learn! How dare she start a national COVID-19 inoculation agenda without the ‘international community’s’ say-so?

Moreover, acquiring those vaccines through international partnerships that she did not name – in other words, without the necessary endorsement from the ‘West’? It beggars belief!

For information, ‘international community’ is in inverted commas because it’s in no way international, being the coinage appropriated by a few ‘Western’ countries. The ‘West’ itself is a misnomer, as it has nothing to do with their geographical position on the world map.

Rather, it’s some concoction developed during the era of exploration as a section of Europe spread its culture – so-called “civilisation”! – to the rest of the world.

How those few Europeans incorporated Northern America, excluding Mexico to only mean USA and Canada, we can only make an intelligent guess. Especially bearing in mind that they did not forget to embrace in their ranks the eastern (!) countries of Australia and New Zealand.

The intelligent guess? They took over the lands after ‘civilising’ the natives practically out of existence.

To-date, the governments are stuck in that past-era ‘West’ and have failed to move on and join their citizens, who are such humane, generous and up-to-the-minute globalists.

So, the governments and their political, media, rights, – say it – minions have turned into a many-headed hydra. You repulse one head, another rises to attack in its place.

But I digress….

I was talking about how some of those minions were wondering how Rwanda could be able to roll out a COVID-19 vaccination programme on her own.

It’s a programme that their countries started earlier, even if while at it, they went berserk and scrambled and squabbled over some hoarding to deny others equal head-start, even before the pharmaceutical manufacturers could release the vaccines.

As things looked, the true international UN-WHO COVAX equitable arrangement had been given short shrift. The ‘hydra-heads’ were each busy amassing the biggest number of vaccines and, with their bags of money and pharmacies hungrier than hyenas, the third world had no fig of a chance.   

That greed blinds all to this: a pandemic in one part of the world is a pandemic in all parts.

Anyway, now lo and behold! The ‘hydra-heads’ have forgotten their scrambles to turn against Rwanda, as if she is also involved in some malfeasance. Looking at their media outlets, you get the sense that it irks them that Rwanda has the capacity to acquire the vaccines and capacity to store them, working with partners without submitting their names.

With more vaccines from the AU and that abandoned WHO COVAX arrangement that they otherwise were party to on the way, only God of Rwanda knows what they’ll do next!

Moreover, that loathsome date that incenses them to the bone marrow is around the corner: the commemoration day of the Genocide against the Tutsi. Why it angers them, ask me another!

Maybe it brings back bitter memories of how they lost face in the eyes of the world, heeding the advice of one of their own, then-French president François Mitterrand.

That’s the man who straight-facedly asserted that in such backwater countries as Rwanda, genocides do not matter.

Heeding this advice showed them up for what they had always stood for, non-intervention to elimination of the other, which they had always sought to bury with their past of dead natives everywhere.

Now, tragedy of tragedies! The Mitterrand files have been put in the open to drop bombshells of the bitter truth of his sins with every page that opens. One French bush judge, J.L. Bruguère, if he is alive to what’s happening, must be looking for an open hole to swallow him!

You may remember that judge as the man who brazenly indicted the whole line of our ace heroes who put a halt to the Genocide against the Tutsi – paradoxically as the ones who triggered that very genocide!

Now the beans are spilling before his eyes and those of his then-bosses.

Hahah! Akabi gasekwa nk’akeza (sometimes we laugh at the bizarre, the way we do at the amusing)!

As for this Hollywood pirated fabrication of a hero, an insult to our true heroes, we trust our courts that are trying him and his band of spillers of Rwandan blood. The courts will cast him an iron jacket to his exact fitting (zizamukanira urumukwiriye).

For claiming to be Belgian, ‘King Léopold II’s progeny’(!), you are lucky Rukara rwa Bishingwe is no more! The way he put a felonious white colonialist to the sword, he’d administer instant, surgical justice to you.

But thank your stars. You are in today’s Rwanda, where rule of law reigns so strictly none can take law into their own hands. So, bask in the presence of practically all the ‘West’s’ corps diplomaditique heads entourage around you in court while the sun still shines on you.

They have come out of the woodworks to witness the trial of their worshipped fabrication of a hero. Yet we saw none come out to condole with our victims of some terrorists, whom as yet our courts are to make known to us (ayinya!), as we trust.

Stubborn Rwanda! Yes, have the audacity to dare. Facts are your shield, your rock.

To quote President Paul Kagame: “Les faits sont têtus.”    

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